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Step 1: Which HubSpot plan do I need?

A secure central hub for your company's contracts and information. With interconnected Hubs offering specialized tools to gather new data, and make the most use of existing data.

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HubSpot Marketing Hub

Identify and connect with your audience. Attract, convert and nurture contacts with email, landing pages, forms, campaigns, automation and powerful reporting tools.


HubSpot Sales Hub

Qualify and close more sales faster. Engage, differentiate and convince prospects with sales communication, shareable quotes, automation, AI and analytics tools.


HubSpot Service Hub

Maximize and retain your customer base. Onboard and delight customers with conversation tools, consistent communication, help desk automation, a knowledge base, customer surveys and a self-service portal.


HubSpot Content Hub

All-in-one, AI-powered content marketing software that will help you create and manage content. It includes AI-powered content generation, lead capture tools, a scalable CMS, video and podcast hosting, A/B testing, SEO recommendations, advanced analytics and reporting, and more.


HubSpot Operations Hub

Connect with the tools your customers and team members use every day. Create a unified experience with automations, data sync, data curation and data quality tools.


HubSpot Commerce Hub

Powerful and easy-to-use commerce tools to help your business bill your customers and collect revenue. It includes payment links, invoices, quotes, subscription management, automation and revenue reporting.

Use HubSpot as the center of your operations while maintaining key elements of your tech stack. Explore integrations in the App Marketplace >>

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Let us help you determine the perfect combination based on your needs.

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Step 2: How to get started with HubSpot?

Make sure that HubSpot is implemented efficiently with your business goals in mind — available in 3 levels of work for different needs.

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Small business and simple needs

HubSpot Standard Onboarding with Hand-Holding: achieve your top three goals in each Hub with assistance from our team. Perfect for those who need more than HubSpot's Normal Onboarding.

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Medium to large business and complex needs

Digifianz Custom Implementation: we dig into your current strategy, plan a new layout and fully implement it in HubSpot. This service is ideal for complex processes or big teams that need advanced processes implemented in HubSpot thoughtfully.

Learn more: Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Service Hub.

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Complex and evolving needs

HubSpot Support: make the most out of our experience in all Hubs through staff augmentation. Perfect for complex teams that need ongoing assistance and have shifting requirements.

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How do we work?

All of our implementations follow a proven process:

1 > Customized blueprint

We will audit existing processes or make a plan from scratch for your team that takes key business needs into account.

2 > Implementation

We efficiently implement all of the elements included in the blueprint plan so you can start getting value from HubSpot ASAP.

3 > Quality analysis

The implementation is reviewed with your team — their opinions and concerns are key considerations in the change management process.

4 > Customized training

We will train your team on all of HubSpot's key tools and functionalities that they can optimize their day-to-day workflow and get the most out of HubSpot.

5 > Go live

Review and final launch of your processes within HubSpot — your team will now be fully working within HubSpot!

6 > New process support

Ongoing support is available to help your team fully adjust and transition to HubSpot — allowing for modifications in the implemented processes over time.

Not sure where to start? Talk to one of our team members and build your custom road map to HubSpot success.

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Step 3: How much does a HubSpot implementation cost?

HubSpot + HubSpot Implementation Services. Take advantage of discounts with Digifianz, a HubSpot Diamond Partner.

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Step 4: What else do I need to leverage HubSpot?

Get the absolute most out of HubSpot with a new or updated strategy, content to back it up, and ongoing HubSpot support for your team.

> Strategy Creation:

Unlock the full potential of HubSpot with a winning strategy that goes beyond fantastic tools. Discover the power of Strategy Creation to maximize your long-term success. Go to Strategy Creation >>

> Content Creation:

Experience the power of aligned content that enhances your success in generating leads, closing deals, and delighting customers. Explore Content Creation >>

> HubSpot Support:

Ensure that your business and evolving needs are always met with confidence. Access HubSpot Support for all your requirements as they become more demanding. Visit HubSpot Support >>

HubSpot implementation

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Have Questions? We have answers

If you don't find what you're looking for, get in touch — we would be happy to help you!

How long are your working contracts?

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This will depend on the type of project we are working on with you:

  • One-Time Projects: Generally from one month to six months.
  • Ongoing services: Longer ongoing contracts of varying lengths, generally starting with one year.

Concerned with contract duration? Let us know and we can likely accommodate your needs.

What's your price range?

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While we work with a wide range of budgets, and prices depend on the services desired, most projects start at a minimum of $1,999 per month.

What languages does your team support?

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We are happy to fully support both English and Spanish for all services.

Can you work with internal or external teams?

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Yes! We are more than happy to collaborate with your internal teams as well as any partners or freelancers currently involved in your processes.


That said, in order to stay organized, we will ask that you appoint a main point of contact from your organization with whom we can review updates, request approvals, and schedule regular meetings.

Does Digifianz specialize exclusively in HubSpot?

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Yes, we work exclusively with HubSpot so that we can offer the highest level of expertise possible within HubSpot.


That said, if you are looking to integrate an existing tool with HubSpot we can help! Take a look at our Custom API Integrations for more information.

Can I purchase HubSpot through Digifianz?

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Yes you can! Since we are HubSpot Diamond partners, we will help you choose the right plan!

So if you still need to purchase HubSpot, let us know and we can handle the whole process for you.

What level of HubSpot onboarding do I need?

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The level of onboarding you will need will depend on the complexity of your processes.

A HubSpot Standard Onboarding is perfect if you:

  • Are interested in participating in the implementation process.
  • Have a relatively simple sales, service, and/or marketing process.

A Custom Onboarding or HubSpot Support would be perfect if:

  • You would like the implementation process to be taken care of for you.
  • You have complex and interconnected marketing, sales, and/or service processes that rely on heavy automation. 
  • OR your marketing, sales, and/or service processes are not currently well defined but have a high level of complexity involved.

Not sure which to choose? Get in touch with our team and we can help guide you.

What is Service Hub?

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HubSpot's Service Hub is a central tool to manage client-facing processes and ensure that your current and returning clients remain delighted and continue to provide return business. 

Service Hub has a lot of useful tools that can be incorporated throughout your processes, including:

  • Feedback surveys to monitor the satisfaction at key touch points during your sales process and beyond. 
  • Knowledge Base to provide quick and helpful answers to current and potential customers in an easy to digest format. 
  • Multi-purpose ticket pipelines that can be used for everything from customer service processes to internal processes, such as coordinating providers during a sales process. 
  • and much more...

If you are wondering if Service Hub is a good fit for your company, get in touch. We would be happy to provide your our opinion based on our experience. 

Share with us your concerns and setbacks, and tell us where you are headed and why.

We'll help you get there.

Let's find out if we're a good fit