AI Policy

This policy details how Digifianz currently uses AI within its internal processes and provision of services. Seeing as how the AI segment is continually changing, this document is likely to be updated frequently as new tools are introduced.

AI in Content Creation

Craft Content
We will not use generative AI to create your content without your express consent. If you have retained our services for Craft Content —that which is exclusively produced with human writers— we agree to not use AI during the writing process. Craft Content produced by our team members and partners is reviewed internally using the tool GPTzero along with our personal criteria to ensure that Craft Content complies with these guidelines.
AI-Assisted Content
If you have expressly communicated consent for us to use AI to assist in the creation of your content through the retention of our services for AI-Assisted Content Creation, we will in fact use AI tools when creating your written content. We are aware of the risks and limitations involved with the use of AI tools for this purpose, and have put in place a protocol that aims to reduce the possibility of errors within these written works and improve the tone of these pieces. 

Regardless of whether the content service that you have retained with us is Craft Content or AI-Assisted Content, it is vital that you review content thoroughly and provide us with adequate feedback before it is published, seeing as though we are not responsable for the publication of content that is not up to your standards and that has already received your approval for publication.
AI In Research and Outlines
We may use AI as part of the outlining process for written content to make the brief writing process more efficient and allow us to focus the majority of our time on content strategy and content creation. While AI may be used as part of the outlining process, it is used for conceptual purposes only, and will not be reproduced directly within the final written product unless we receive your express consent to do so through the retention of our AI-Assisted Content services. 

We may also use AI toolsets within existing SEO tools to generate ideas and keyword themes based on given topics or keywords. The purpose of this research is  to ensure that we are using every tool at our disposal to optimize your SEO and therefore your organic reach. These tools will not be used to write any content, but rather as a strategic complement to traditional keyword research.
AI Transcription of Interviews and Calls

Unless you specifically inform us of an objection beforehand, our calls with you will be transcripted using Google Meet’s native AI technology. This allows us to have a written record of our meetings and interviews going forward, which ensures that our work can be completed in the most efficient way possible. You are free to request access from us for these transcriptions so you may have them for your reference as well. 
AI and Data Revision

AI may be used to apply revisions to data imports into HubSpot that are not possible with formulas. This can enable new possibilities in regard to efficiently changing property types and more. We will advise you of if and how this technology is used to optimize your data imports, and you will be able to approve or deny its use.
AI Beyond the Aforementioned Tools
Seeing as how the evolution of AI is continual and fast-paced this policy is apt to change at any time. We may add additional tools, particularly to our internal processes to ensure that we are continually optimizing the service we provide you.
Before applying any new AI tools within the provision of your services themselves we will review them with you and require your express permission for their use before incorporating them, and use of said tools will be optional.

Contacting Us
If there are any questions regarding this AI Policy you may contact us using the information below.
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