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The dream team to help purpose-driven businesses grow

Digifianz's spirit

Our first Defiers, our founders. Two Florida-raised nomads and friends, that met at the age of 10.

Their nomadic spirit and their search for freedom is a quest they brought into Digifianz. It's in our name, a search to defy the status quo.

Our founders

We are travellers


We are searchers


We are non-conformists


We are earthists


We are solvers

We are defiers

(Hint: this is where our name comes from. Digital + Defiance = Digifianz)
Dan Co-Founder
Luis Co-CEO
Nicolas Head of Technology
Ignacio Chief Revenue Officer
Sabrina People Experience Consultant
Matt Account Executive
Marco Head of Customer Success
Eberth Full Stack Web Developer
Liz Product Manager
Antonela Project Manager
Alex Customer Success Manager
Belen Customer Success Manager
Agostina Customer Success Manager
Veronica Customer Success Analyst
Eugenia Customer Success Analyst
Florencia Customer Success Analyst
Franco Customer Success Analyst
Belén Customer Success Analyst
Megan Customer Success Analyst
Carla Customer Success Analyst
Federico Performance Specialist
Eileen Lead of Copywriting
Leonardo Front End Web Developer
Agustin Front End Developer
German Front End Web Developer
Nicolas CRM Architect
Victoria Performance Specialist
Leslie Customer Success Analyst
Gabriela Digital Graphic Designer
Connie Audiovisual Team Lead
Joaquin Audiovisual
Natalia People Experience

It’s time to work with purpose. Do you have what it takes?