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HubSpot has recently introduced two new tools powered by Artificial Intelligence; HubSpot's Content Assistant and

HubSpot's Content Assistant

As we all know, content is key to driving visitors, leads, and revenue but this can be very time consuming and expensive if you have a third-party doing the job for you.

HubSpot's Content Assistant helps marketing and sales teams create and share quality content without having to look for a copywriter.

> Craft marketing emails

> Write social copy and get blog ideas

> Write prospecting emails

> Create compelling CTAs

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Content Assistant HubSpot

HubSpot's ChatSpot

Is HubSpot's AI-powered sales and marketing assistant built to help your business grow by making your daily tasks in HubSpot simpler and more efficient.

This tool helps customers in accomplishing a range of tasks through an interactive chat-based user experience.

> Accelerate your sales prospecting process by quickly identifying key opportunities for outreach

> Content creation easier than ever

> Get deep insights of your company and your competitors

> SEO expertise for Keyword discovery

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ChatSpot from HubSpot in use

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