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In-house marketing team vs Hiring an Agency


In-house marketing teams can struggle with limited resources and limited expertise. Hiring an in-house team with the diverse skills needed to succeed in today’s digital landscape is expensive. Hiring a jack-of-all-trades is settling for a master of none.

The alternative? A team of experienced Marketers, Designers, Developers, Strategists, Copywriters, Sales Experts and Social Specialists, who each obsess over achieving your business growth goals.


A team is what makes things happen.


A successful inbound marketing strategy relies on experts that can create high-quality content, make videos, design emails, implement marketing workflows and more - all of this without losing sight of the ROI of the campaign and the Buyer Personas of the company.

We provide you with:

  • Inbound Marketing Consultants/Strategists
  • Designers & Developers
  • Creative Copywriters
  • PPC Specialists
  • Video Specialists


Digifianz is made up of a multicultural bilingual team that has deep knowledge into the US and Latin American audiences. This allows us to understand where your customers are and how to do business with them.

We offer plans tailored for companies of different sizes and at different growth stages.

Interested in knowing which plan is suitable for your company?

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What they say

"We are an e-commerce company where social media, email campaigns and branding are imperative to driving our sales. Prior to partnering with Digifianz, we had been using HubSpot on our own in an ad hoc way and seeing decent results, but it was not consistent.
Now, we have daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly activity, all driven by the Digifianz Team and the results are amazing. With minimal guidance by my company, they take the initiative to research my niche, study my website and design/develop remarkable content. When I read the blog articles and social media posts, I'm so excited that they created it all on their own. I could never hire employees like these guys.
Communication with them is very efficient and I find myself creatively thinking of new promotions and campaigns that I would like and all it takes is an email to them to get it done! This frees me up for selling! And, before I forget, my monthly revenue is up 20% since partnering with them!
 Jeff Gill
Jeff Gill
CEO - Advent Hair
Digifianz' client since 2016