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Why Outsource Inbound Marketing?

If you’re reading this, you probably already know what Inbound Marketing is and why you need it.

You also probably use HubSpot or a similar Marketing and Sales Software.

The problem you’re facing now is that:

  • You want to create content but don’t have the time to do so.
  • You’ve implemented the software but are not seeing the results you expected.
  • You’ve thought about hiring a full-time employee but someone that has all the necessary skills is very costly and it will be very time consuming to train someone from scratch.

If any of these sound familiar, then our services are for you. 

But first, let’s see how we build a successful Inbound Marketing team for your company.


Growth is a

Team Sport.

A successful inbound marketing strategy relies on experts that can create high-quality content, make videos, design emails, implement marketing workflows and more - all while thinking about the campaign’s ROI and your company’s Buyer Personas.

Inbound Marketing Consultants (IMCs)

The Inbound Marketing Consultant is the person that keeps you informed about all monthly marketing and sales efforts. They design and execute the strategy, including social media, content strategy, media buying and are even in charge of reporting and data analysis.


Designers create digital content such as ebooks, calls-to-action, design web pages, blog aesthetics and social media posts, among others. They carry out the perfect combination amidst the design and development experience in order for your website and digital content to have the look-and-feel you always wanted. Their mission is to optimize your digital assets to attract the largest amount of clients.

Developers give life to the designer’s work. They code and publish all of your webpages and are in charge of always improving how your website functions. This involves creating new templates for your landing pages, building tools to boost conversion rates and much more.

Creative Copywriters

Creative writers are an important part in the Inbound puzzle.They are responsible for writing the blog posts, landing page copy, the emails and premium content offers for your Buyer Personas. They have to know your company inside out, and also know how to create content that is relevant and useful to your visitors.

PPC Specialists

In order to see results quicker, Inbound Marketing can be powered with paid advertising campaigns. A PPC Specialist knows how to mix both worlds. They know how to create campaigns in Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, among other. Everyday, they optimize their active ads to ensure that the company is paying the lowest CPC (Cost per Click) while getting the maximum results.

Video Specialists

By 2020, 80% of all digital content is going to be in video format. That's why it’s very recommended to have a Video Specialist in your team. A Video Specialist can create Webinars, promotional videos and social media videos - all with the goal of capturing new leads and clients.

Agency + Hubspot


Having a HubSpot Gold agency partner takes your marketing initiatives to the next level. You’re able to expand your team for a fraction of the in-house cost; you can also augment all of your efforts and execution.



HubSpot is the world's leading Marketing and Sales tool. By unifying the right team with the right tool, you'll count on an unstoppable Marketing & Sales Strategy.



With a team that meets your business KPIs, as well as a tool that allows you to visualize that data intuitively, is much easier to understand how you can place as your industry's leader.

The Inbound Strategy:

Assembling a 5 to 6 person team not only requires a lot of money, but also a lot of time. What can we do to mitigate this problem?

Hire an Inbound Marketing agency.

A good agency has a great On-boarding process that helps you boost sales in about 2 months and then consistently keeps delivering results.

Our most popular plan includes quite a few activities:

  • Inbound Marketing Implementation

    The first step in our partnership includes several one-on-one workshops where we lay the foundations for all our future work. We define the marketing and sales strategy, audit your website and current content, and define metrics that help us measure our efforts, among many other tasks. This stage is very important to ensure our partnership succeeds.


    • SMART goals
    • Persona development
    • Keyword research
    • Initial Search Engine Optimization
    • Website design audit
    • Social media setup
    • Analytics setup

    Content Mapping

    • SMART goals
    • Content audit
    • Create editorial calendar
    • Create social media calendar
    • Campaign outline

    Create 1st Campaign

    • Create premium content offer (ebook, whitepaper, tip sheet, etc.)
    • Landing pages, calls-to-action, workflows, lead
    • Nurturing emails
    • Social media promo
    • Blog posts
  • Dedicated Inbound Marketing Team

    Our team works together to make the magic happen. From the Strategist who formulates the plan of attack, to the Copywriter who executes premier content, you’ll have access to our expertise whenever you need it.


    • Strategist
    • IMC (Inbound Marketing Consultant)
    • Copywriter
    • Designer
  • Website Optimization

    A great website redesign is made up of a continuous process that requires constant optimizations. This is why we do monthly audits where we analyze your conversion rates, website load time, bounce rates and user experience.

    Website Enhancement Includes:

    • Google Analytics and HubSpot review of site page performance, bounce rates, time on page, etc. - prioritize design needs accordingly
    • Sync design strategy with inbound marketing gameplan
    • Design edits (1-2 items per month) to increase conversions
  • On-going Meetings

    You’ll always know what we’re doing. We work with a project management tool that provides visibility of all our daily activities. We also include weekly meetings and calls (if necessary) for you to feel like we’re part of your in-house team.

    Strategy/Review Sessions Include:

    • 1 call/virtual meeting per week with IMC
    • Analysis of initial metrics and results on prior week’s campaign efforts
    • Monthly planning/strategy meeting for current and on-deck campaign efforts with Strategist
  • Buyer Personas Development

    The Buyer Personas are your ideal clients archetypes. In the first month, we take the time to interview you and your current clients to identify all of your different client segments. This helps to assure that all of our marketing and sales actions are attractive for your Buyer Personas.

    Buyer Persona R&D Includes:

    • Full profile build for every defined persona
    • Establish segmentation triggers based on individual needs/pain points
  • Blogging

    We create new weekly articles to increase the amount of visits your website gets. These articles are 100% optimized to convert visitors into leads.

    Blogging Activites Include:

    • 8 Blog posts/month (could vary based on allocated points)
    • Editorial calendar creation and management
  • Social Media Management

    We create and publish content on all social media channels your Buyer Personas use.

    Social Media Management Includes:

    • Create, review and update all major social channels
    • Set up auto-publishing functionality in HubSpot
    • Create persona/keyword-specific social monitoring streams in HubSpot
  • HubSpot Management

    We make sure HubSpot is properly set up for your business. We also train you and your team so you can use the CRM and visualize your results at any moment.


    • Full setup and utilization of HubSpot software/tools for maximum efficiency
    • HubSpot training for all relevant internal staff
    • CRM setup/integration
  • Content Offers

    Content Offers help convert the most visitors into potential clients. To make this happen, we create pieces that actually help your Buyer Personas solve real problems.

    Content Offers Could Include:

    • 1 new premium offer per quarter
    • 1 new 1-page content offer (tip sheet, checklist, etc.) per quarter
    • TOFU (top-of-the-funnel), MOFU (middle-of-the-funnel) or BOFU (bottom-of-the-funnel)

    Custom-Built Campaign:

    • Landing page
    • Thank You page
    • Social promo
    • Email promo
    • CTA(s)
  • Keyword Research & Pillar Content Optimization

    We use state-of-the-art tools (like HubSpot and SEMRush) to gather website data and perform improvements that will help position your website better each month.

    KW Audit & Optimization Includes:

    • Full-site SEO audit to determine critical gaps
    • Competitor analysis and utilization of HubSpot
    • Keywords tool to detect attainable ranking opportunities and strategize long-tail/short-tail keywords
  • Email Marketing

    Email Marketing is another essential piece of the Inbound Marketing puzzle. It allows us to send useful and nurturing content to the leads we obtain and the ones you already have.

    Email Marketing Includes:

    • 1 newsletter template
    • 2 email promos per month (Could vary based on allocated points)
    • Persona-specific to increase conversion opportunities
  • Workflows & Lead Nurturing

    Workflows are sets of marketing actions (like sending emails to our leads) that help nurture them in an automated way. Each time we create a new Content Offer, we also create a new Workflow aligned to its campaign. The goal is to help you convert an increasingly larger amount of leads into clients.

    Workflows & Lead Nurturing Includes:

    • All necessary workflow/lead nurturing efforts per campaign
    • 3-6 targeted emails per workflow to nurture most prominent/valuable personas

Point Based Pricing

Inbound Plan

Our Growth Plans

Our inbound marketing services are built around generating the highest ROI for your business.

At Digifianz, we are an extension of your Marketing team - and teamwork is what makes things happen. With your in-house knowledge and our expertise in the Inbound methodology, together we can increase your company’s growth by acquiring more and better customers.

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