Why do we care?

Our mission is to communicate our clients' purpose impeccably, to attract their right-fit clients and team members and to place their higher-purpose organizations in the leading market positions to make the world a better place.

Why do we want you?

We believe in growing as a community.
We are a team, and we value our team as much as we value our clients.
We position purpose driven companies with your help.
You are essential to us. We hire talent that wants to progress, grow and achieve their personal goals through us and with us.

We are defiers.

*Program currently available for LatAm, Spain & US.

What companies do we work with?

We work with companies that care and are currently serving to change the world for the better or pledge to do so by working with us.

These are companies that are leveraging technology for the greater good, such as SaaS companies that improve business processes exponentially, education companies that help bring knowledge to all corners of the world, logistics companies that shorten distances to connect more people and health companies that use non-harmful medicine and technology to cure the world.


What are the benefits of working with us?

Start working immediately

Once you finish the training, and in case you have been accepted, you will be automatically presented with projects to work on and start getting paid.

Extra income without leaving your home

All of our clients are handled digitally, this means you’ll be able to perform your work 100% remotely from wherever you are in the world.

Work whenever you want - ish

We have core hours where all of our team members are online. The rest of the time, you can work whenever you prefer.

On-going learning

As soon as you’re accepted into the program, you’ll access a vast amount of resources and courses, including HubSpot, Coderhouse, CXL, Crehana and many more. Besides this, you’ll receive ongoing feedback and support from Digifianz team members regarding soft & hard skills.

Career Plan & Growth

You’ll have the opportunity to grow as much as you desire. Once you’ve been working with a project for 3 months, you’ll be able to take on more projects. Also, we offer full-time job opportunities to the best talent. This means you can move to other areas of the company where you want to grow.

Exclusive discounts

As soon as you’re part of the program, you’ll access many benefits such as courses discounts, tech, coworking spaces and more.


What we expect from a CRM Consultant

The CRM Consultant is the person responsible for building, implementing and managing the client’s CRM and Growth Strategy. This includes:

  • Full-time availability after completing the training
  • Deep understanding of the inbound methodology
  • Deep knowledge of all HubSpot Hubs: Marketing, Sales, Service, CRM, CMS and Operations
  • Deep knowledge of marketing and sales strategies, including paid ads, social media campaigns, email marketing, SEO, conversion rate optimization, buyer personas, buyer journeys, copywriting and content marketing
  • Collaborate with other departments of the company

When will you start
collaborating with us?

application-icon 1

Fill this form to start the process.

training-icon 1

Take the free online training.

Exam-icon 1

You’ll have to take an exam after the training as well as an online interview.

Acceptance-icon 1

If you pass, you’ll immediately be accepted into the program and start receiving projects.


Am I eligible for this training?
If you have the necessary skills, then yes.
What happens if I don’t pass?
If you don’t pass, you won’t be able to retake the training and/or exam.
I don’t have the necessary knowledge on CRMs, can I still apply?
Yes, you can apply and we can provide a specialized CRM training with one of our e-learning partners.
What happens if I enroll but don't end up taking any Digifianz projects?
If you apply and get accepted to become a Consultant but you don’t accept any projects, you’ll have to pay for the total cost of the course, which is Usd $299.
What will I learn in this training?
  • Digifianz methodology
  • Leadership skills (with internal team and with clients)
  • Communication skills (how to take calls, meetings, chat, project management tools, emails and more)
  • Growth strategy (Buyer Personas, Buyer Journey, Brand Identity Unification (Message, Tone, Design), SMART Goals  & KPIs, SEO Strategy & Keywords, Paid Ads Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Email Marketing, Nurturing & Automation)
  • HubSpot Methodology and Tools (HubSpot CRM, HubSpot Marketing Hub, HubSpot Sales Hub & HubSpot Services Hub)
  • Problems Resolution (strategic, human & technical)
  • How to onboard a client
  • Marketing, Sales & Customer Success processes and team structures
What are the class hours?
  • Mondays and Wednesdays from 6pm to 8pm ET
How long are the projects?
They vary depending on the client, but they tend to go from 3 months to 12 months and beyond. You’ll be able to choose what type of work you want.