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In Argentina.

Watch this video to learn about the secret formula that we have used to grow 100+ companies in Latin America and the US. 

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Success Stories

We work with leading companies in various industries including: software, SaaS, tech services, and education


Tokko is the leading software company for real estate agencies in the region that continues to grow month-to-month with Digifianz and HubSpot.


Fliit By Prosegur is a leading company in fleet management that has implemented a scalable sales system with Digifianz and HubSpot.


Wall Street English is a leading English institute in Argentina that has been growing their business with Digifianz and HubSpot since 2016.

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Digifianz has grown from a team of 2 people to a company of 30 employees in only 4 years thanks to Inbound Marketing. 

We have worked with over 80 companies in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, and the US — duplicating their sales with our Inbound methodology. 

We provided content that potential clients were looking for, allowing us to grow and compete against market leaders, eventually becoming the largest Inbound agency in all of Argentina. 


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"We are an e-commerce company where social media, email campaigns and branding are imperative to driving our sales. Prior to partnering with Digifianz, we had been using HubSpot on our own in an ad hoc way and seeing decent results, but it was not consistent.

Now, we have daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly activity, all driven by the Digifianz Team and the results are amazing. With minimal guidance by my company, they take the initiative to research my niche, study my website and design/develop remarkable content. When I read the blog articles and social media posts, I'm so excited that they created it all on their own. I could never hire employees like these guys.

Communication with them is very efficient and I find myself creatively thinking of new promotions and campaigns that I would like and all it takes is an email to them to get it done! This frees me up for selling! And, before I forget, my monthly revenue is up 20% since partnering with them!"

"Since we started working with Digifianz we have strengthened our content creation. We have designed various workflows together, both for email marketing and regular publications in our blog.

The management of these workflows is simplified through the HubSpot platform that allows for great visibility of each interaction that we receive from our leads.

We feel that Digifianz is a true partner of ours. The fluidity of communication [with Digifianz] is key to successfully achieving set goals. We see a high level of commitment from the entire team"

"We have been working with Digifianz for 8 months and the experience has been truly amazing.

They have helped us develop an Inbound strategy and Sales Process that are very valuable to our structure. 

On the other hand, using HubSpot as a Sales Automation tool has allowed us to reach another level as a team. 

We truly feel that Digifianz and its team play a fundamental role in our sales structure. It is a pleasure to work with Ignacio and Aleida. A great team!"


An agency with a great deal of commitment to our company. 

We are very satisfied with the service that they provide us, all of the team members that work with us are very focused and open to helping us. 

Since we began working with Digifianz we have improved our positioning and increased sales! 

"A key partner at this stage in our growth. 

After only a few months of work, we are already seeing excellent results. 

We find Digifianz to be a professional, attentive, and adaptable team with a great ability to understand our business. 

We have received excellent suggestions [from the Digifianz team] that are both innovative and effective for our company. The communication is continuous and clear. 

Without a doubt they are a fundamental partner for Datawise."